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Premium Bath & Shower Filters in Melbourne & Australia

While chlorine is needed to disinfect water and kill bacteria and other micro-organisms, many Australians are understandably concerned about the increase in chlorine allergies that can impact a person’s health. Chlorine can also affect a person’s physical appearance. At Aeon Water Filters, we can provide you with a shower or bath filter in Australia to eliminate chlorine in your bathing water.

The Benefits of Using Shower and Bath Filters

Chlorine allergies can cause people to develop itchy or flaky skin and make their hair brittle. Luckily, Aeon Water Filters supplies bath and shower filters in Melbourne to reduce the drying effects of chlorine on the skin and hair. Our filters can also help to prevent the associated health issues that can occur from inhaling vaporous chlorine gases.

Showering or bathing using filtered water can help to protect and even restore your hair’s health, softness, body and shine, while also providing relief for people experiencing flaky or itchy skin, dermatitis and other skin allergies.

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